Russian Oil and Gas Geology № 3/2021

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DOI: 10.31087/0016-7894-2021-3

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Varlamov A.I., Gogonenkov G.N., Mel'nikov P.N., Cheremisina E.N. Development of digital technologies in petroleum industry and subsoil use in Russia: current state and future considerations

Arakcheev D.B., Yuon E.M., Zakharkin I.V., Shakhnazarov S.G. “Unified Subsurface Geological Information Fund” Federal State Information System: basis for subsoil use digital transformationy


Cheremisina E.N., Finkel'shtein M.Ya., Deev K.V., Bol'shakov E.M. GIS INTEGRO. Status and prospects for development in the context of import substitution

Kravchenko M.N., Lyubimova A.V., Arbuzova E.E., Spiridonova V.V. Integrated GIS project for quantification of hydrocarbon resources in the Russian Federation as a platform for creating an integrated module for automated assessment of total initial resources

Medvedeva T.Yu., Suvorova E.B., Gushchin A.S., Matyukhina T.N., Minina M.V., Sakhan' Yu.V., Eremina E.G. Geographic Information Systems as a basic tool for subsoil use monitoring

Markov K.N., Zhukov K.A., Koneva A.A., Kostyleva T.V. Distributed Bank of Geological and Geophysical Information of VNIGNI as a part of the industrial Unified Fund of Geological Information

Lyubimova A.V., Navrotskii A.O., Tolmacheva E.R. Geoinformation support of planning and carrying out geological exploration work

Shchur A.A., Matveeva T.V., Bochkarev A.V. Geographic Information System for the forecast mapping of gas hydrate-bearing areas


Anisimov R.G., Mosyakov D.E., Shalashnikov A.V., Finikov D.B. Big seismic data: improvement of processing efficiency

Kaplan S.A., Finkel'shtein M.Ya., Smirnov M.Yu., Spiridonov V.A. Methodology for geophysical methods integration in regional stage of geological exploration

Miftakhov R.F., Avdeev P.A., Gogonenkov G.N., Bazanov A.K., Efremov I.I. Mapping of faults based on machine learning and neural networks

Lyubimova A.V., Tolmacheva E.R. Creating GIS projects is geological and geophysical research: new approaches