Postnikova 5-2023

O.V. Postnikova, L.A. Magadova, M.M. Mukhin, A.N. Abramov, A.P. Nebesskaya Interstitial space transformation resulting from acid treatment of Bashkirian carbonate reservoir rocks DOI 10.47148/0016-7894-2023-5-81-91 Key words: hydrochloric (acid) treatment; organochlorine compounds; oil; carbonate reservoir rocks; reservoir porosity and permeability; high-technology equipment; electron microscopy; interstitial space. For citation: Postnikova O.V., Magadova L.A., Mukhin M.M., Abramov A.N., […]

Varlamov 4-2023

A.I. Varlamov, P.N. Mel’nikov, A.S. Efimov, V.A. Krinin, F.A. Migurskii, V.I. Poroskun, M.N. Kravchenko, M.Yu. Smirnov, G.D. Ukhlova, G.N. Gogonenkov, V.S. Parasyna, M.Yu. Vitsenovskii, D.A. Komlev Methodology, working results and potential for oil and gas fields discovery in Lena-Tungussky Petroleum Province DOI 10.47148/0016-7894-2023-4-21-67 Key words: Eastern Siberia; Lena-Tungussky Petroleum Province; oil and gas; hydrocarbon raw […]

Belousov 2-2021

G.A. Belousov, A.B. Gorodkov, A.V. Gvozdeva, Eh.A. Taratyn, B.K. Frolov, T.Yu. Shishkina Delineation of unconformities and stratigraphic limits in carbonate organogenic sections on the basis of analysis of layer thickness variations DOI 10.31087/0016-7894-2021-2-15-25 Key words: carbonate organogenic deposits; unconformities; section breakdown; layer thickness; hiatus; erosion; step; point of inflection. For citation: Belousov G.A., Gorodkov A.B. […]

Nizamutdinova 3-2023

I.N. Nizamutdinova, V.A. Baldin, N.Z. Munasypov Structural features and petroleum potential of Jurassic formations in northern Western Siberia DOI 10.47148/0016-7894-2023-3-83-103 Ключевые слова: CDP seismic exploration; longhole drilling; prospecting; exploration; Lower-Middle Jurassic and Upper Jurassic plays; field; oil and gas accumulations; sequence stratigraphy; oil and gas promising objects; non-anticlinal traps; northern West Siberia; Yamal-Nenets Autonomous Okrug; […]

Sobornov 3-2023

K.O. Sobornov Riphean basins and petroleum superplays of the North Eurasia’ platforms DOI 10.47148/0016-7894-2023-3-9-24 Ключевые слова: Volga-Uralian Basin; Siberian Platform; petroleum superplay; Riphean trough; hydrocarbon migration; basement. For citation: Sobornov K.O. Riphean basins and petroleum superplays of the North Eurasia’ platforms. Geologiya nefti i gaza. 2023;(3):9–24. DOI: 10.41748/0016-7894-2023-3-9-24. In Russ. Acknowledgments: The author expresses his […]

Savinova 2-2023

T.V. Savinova Analysis of rock reservoir properties in the context of petroleum potential: Emsian-Timanian Play in the Kama territory of the western Urals piedmont DOI 10.31087/0016-7894-2023-2-71-84 Key words: lithofacies analysis; reservoir; gross depositional environment; impermeable bed; petroleum potential; Emsian-Timanian terrigenous sequence. For citation: Savinova T.V. Analysis of rock reservoir properties in the context of petroleum […]

Shemin 1-2023

G.G. Shemin, V.А. Vernikovsky, Е.V. Deev, P.А. Glazyrin, V.V. Sap’yanik, А.G. Vakhromeev, N.V. Pervukhina, М.Yu. Smirnov Detailed correlation and improved facies zoning of Callovian-Upper Jurassic oil and gas bearing formations (the Siberian Sector of the Arctic) DOI 10.31087/0016-7894-2023-1-27-51 Ключевые слова: Callovian-Upper Jurassic deposits; horizon; sub-horizon; formation; member; cyclic structure; correlation; lithostratigraphic and biolithocyclostratigraphic methods; lithofacies […]

Azhgaliev 2-2022

D.K. Azhgaliev, R.A. Valiullin, A.K. Gabbasova Structural and tectonic features of structure and petroleum potential of deep-seated Palaeozoic horizons in Caspian Basin DOI 10.31087/0016-7894-2022-2-79-93 Key words: Palaeozoic series; deposits; object; horizon; structure; mega-high; Caspian Basin; oil and gas occurrence; faults; prospecting. For citation: Azhgaliev D.K., Valiullin R.A., Gabbasova A.K. Structural and tectonic features of structure […]

Section Policies

Topical issues of oil and gas geology Oil and gas potential and geological exploration results Formation and location of oil and gas pools Methodology of prospecting and exploration of oil and gas fields Hydrocarbon resources and reserves Oil and gas reservoirs Geophysical surveys Geochemical surveys HC hard-to-recover reserves and unconventional sources Ecology and problems of […]

Balagurov 6-2022

M.D. Balagurov Lower Vendian sandstones on the southwestern slope of Nepsky Arch (Eastern Siberia): reservoir properties and depositional settings DOI 10.31087/0016-7894-2022-6-57-65 Key words: Lower Nepa subformation; terrigenous deposits; sandstone; reservoir; salinization; porosity; computed tomography; Acoustic Impedance; paleogeographic reconstruction. For citation: Balagurov M.D. Lower Vendian sandstones on the south-western slope of Nepsky Arch (Eastern Siberia): reservoir […]