L.R. Distanova, N.V. Nassonova, A.I. Kudamanov. Geological structure and gas potential of Campanian Verkhneberezovsky member by the example of one West Siberian field

DOI 10.31087/0016-7894-2022-5-5-16

The current state of Cenomanian gas fields development in Western Siberia is indicative of the need to replace and augment hydrocarbon reserves, including the increase on account of the reservoirs of above-Cenomanian part of the section, which the often gas shows and influxes are associated with. The promising Berezovsky deposits occur 100–150 m above the Cenomanian Top; they are very common in Western Siberia. Topicality of the studies responds to the fact that testing of Berezovsky Formation in the field have confirmed the commercial productivity of ВБ1 reservoir. The paper summarizes the results of geological studies of ВБ1 bed (Campanian Berezovsky Formation) by the example of one West Siberian fields. In the field under consideration, ВБ1 pay zone was formed in the settings of global development of the above-Cenomanian transgression; it is a reflection of local regression event in the Middle Campanian. The results of integrated analysis of geological and geophysical data (seismic, well logging, and core data) allowed determining depositional settings. Reservoir deposits in the field under consideration were formed in shallow-marine environment. The rocks are represented mainly by fine-coarse-grained siltstone, argillaceous siltstone; they are the product of erosion of poorly consolidated underlying deposits. Remoteness of provenance area predetermined the fine-grained composition. Analysis of geological and geophysical data resulted in identification of spatial distribution patterns for the promising gas-bearing deposits of ВБ1 reservoir.

Key words: Berezovsky Formation; Verkhneberezovsky member; Opal-Cristobalite-Tridymite phase of silica; X-ray fluorescence analysis of rock chemical composition; lithological and mineralogical studies.

For citation: Distanova L.R., Nassonova N.V., Kudamanov A.I. Geological structure and gas potential of Campanian Verkhneberezovsky member by the example of one West Siberian field. Geologiya nefti i gaza. 2022;(5):5–16. DOI: 10.31087/0016-7894-2022-5-5-16. In Russ.


Section: Oil and gas potential and geological exploration results