Denis Voskov

Denis Voskov is the recognized expert in geological modelling and technological simulation of oil and gas reservoirs. He was one of principal developers of the Russian simulator for operating supervision of large field development (Rock Flow Dynamics Company).

Denis is scientific supervisor of master and postdoctoral students in Delft University of Technology; for three years he was holding annual workshops in Gubkin University (National University of Oil and Gas).  He has published 35 papers in Russian and foreign refereed journals, prepared 40 presentations and abstracts for the conferences in USA, Netherlands, France, etc.

Expertise — modelling of formation fluid flow and transport with operating supervision and control over the complex physical processes and transformations at great depth under severe thermodynamic conditions.

Career history:

2000–2002 — Senior Engineer-Mathematician, Ishlinsky Institute for Problems in Mechanics, Russian Academy of Sciences (Moscow, Russia);

2002–2005 — Chief Engineer, Yukos Oil Company (Moscow, Russia);

2005–2007 — Research Associate at Energy Resources Engineering department, Stanford University (California, USA);

2005–2008 — CTO and co-founder of Rock Flow Dynamics Company (Moscow, Russia);

2007–2015 — Senior Researcher at ERE department, Stanford University (California, USA);

2015 – present — Associate Professor, TU Delft, The Netherlands;

2016 – present — Adjunct Professor, Stanford University (Energy Resources Engineering department) (California, USA).