Evgeny B. Grunis

Evgeny B. Grunis was born on June 1, 1943 in the Republic of Tatarstan. In 1969, he graduated from Faculty of Geology, Kazan State University. He defended the PhD thesis in 1980, and the doctoral thesis in 1990.

Career history:

1969 — geologist, senior geologist, Tatneftegeofizika Production Enterprise;

1974  — Head of Geological Department;

1985 — Chief Geologist, Tatneftegeofizika Production Enterprise;

1988–1993 — Director General, Komineftegeofizika Production Enterprise;

1993 — Chairman of the State Committee for fuel and energy, the Komi Republic;

1994 — Minister of Industry, Transport, and Communications, the Komi Republic;

1999 — Deputy Head of Local Administration for Integration of the Use of Natural Resources and Ecology, the Nenets Autonomous District;

2000–2006 — Director General, IGiRGI (Institute of Fossil Fuel Geology and Development);

2006 – present — Head of Science Directorate, IGiRGI.

With the direct participation of Evgeny and on his recommendations, more than 50 fields were discovered in the Volga-Urals and Timan-Pechora Petroleum Provinces; he is the author of more than 400 publications, 22 patents and invention certificates, three monographs and more than 20 guidelines and training aids. Evgeny B. Grunis was scientific supervisor of 24 candidate and doctoral theses.