Grigoriy A. Gabrielyants

Grigoriy A. Gabrielyants was born on March 2, 1934 in Baku. In 1956 he graduated from Azerbaijan State Oil and Gas Institute (winner of the Red Banner of Labour award).

Doctor of Geological and Mineralogical Sciences, Professor, NTKF “Geoservis”, Member of Russian Academy of Natural Sciences; Doctor Honoris Causa in Geology, National Academy of Sciences, Republic of Armenia. Discoverer of the first gas field in Karakum Desert and Astrakhan field unique in gas composition and reserves.

Career history:

1956–1965 Bureau of Geology, the Turkmen Soviet Socialist Republic, where he started as geologist and finished as Chief Geologist of the State Geological Committee. His main activities were associated with exploration and prospecting for gas fields and fresh water in Karakum Desert; a number of large fields were discovered;

1963  — graduated in absentia from the postgraduate course of the Russian Research Institute of Oil Exploration (VNIGNI) and defended his PhD thesis;

1965 — Deputy Director for Science, Russian Research Institute for Natural Gases and Gas Technologies (VNIIGAS);

1968–1987 — teaching and research activities in Moscow Oil and Gas Institute (MING), Moscow Engineering Physics Institute (MIFI), Russian Research Institute of Oil Geology (VNIGNI), and Russian Institute of Geophysical Methods of Exploration (VNIIgeofizika);

1987 — Director of VNIGNI. As a result of activities, the Institute headed by Grigoriy A. Gabrielyants was on top in the geological industry;

1989 — Minister of Geology of the USSR. Under the difficult conditions of “perestroika”, the Ministry successfully carried out all state tasks, adding more than 1 billion tons of oil and 1 trillion m of gas annually;

1992 — Head of the own scientific and technical consulting company Geoservice, which successfully delivered geological consulting services to Russian and foreign companies.

In recent years Grigoriy has been the author and manager of the development of the New Classification of Oil and Fuel Gas Reserves. Upon his recommendation and with his direct participation the oil deposits are discovered in Yeguriakhsky field (Western Siberia) and in the Luzsky field (the Komi Republic).

Grigoriy A. Gabrielyants is the author of 153 papers, seven monographs, and two textbooks, and 16 inventions; he was scientific supervisor of three Dr. Sci’s and 17 Cand. Sci’s.

Author of books:

  • Central Karakum Desert: geology and gas occurrence ( M.: Nedra, 1965)

  • Geology of oil and gas fields (M.: Nedra, 1979)

  • Geologia do los yacimientos de petrуleo y de gas natural (1984, in Spanish)

  • Methodology of oil and gas exploration and prospecting (M.:  Nedra, 1985)

  • The predicted map of oil and gas occurrence in USSR  (M.: Nedra, 1989)

  • Geology, exploration and prospecting of oil and gas fields  (M.: Nedra, 2000)


  • The Badge of Honour Order (1963)

  • Order of St. Mesrop Mashtots (Republic of Artsakh, 2014)

  • Vachagan Barepasht Medal (Republic of Artsakh, 2011)

  • Anania Shirakatsi Medal (Republic of Armenia, 2002)

  • Veteran of Labour Medal

  • 300 Years of the Russian Navy Jubilee Medal

  • Honoured Prospector Badge

  • Two Field Discoverer badges

  • Medal For Services in Subsoil Exploration of the USSR Ministry of Geology

  • Certificate of Appreciation from the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet of the Turkmen SSR

  • Two Gold Medals from USSR Exhibition of Economic Achievements

  • Two Bronze Medals from USSR Exhibition of Economic Achievements

  • USSR State Award (1991)

Ivan Gubkin Award (twice)