Grunis 3-2022

Е.B. Grunis, V.B. Rostovshchikov, B.I. Davydenko, I.V. Kolokolova, A.G. Sotnikova, S.A. Lukova,Ya.S. Sbitneva

Unexplored hydrocarbon potential of subthrust structures in Timan-Pechora Petroleum Province

DOI 10.31087/0016-7894-2022-3-7-16

Key words: intracontinental and continental marginal rifts; aulacogens; marginal piedmont troughs; structural-tectonic suture zones; thrust systems; fold belts; autochthons and allochthons; seismic inversion.

For citation: Grunis Е.B., Rostovshchikov V.B., Davydenko B.I., Kolokolova I.V., Sotnikova A.G., Lukova S.A., Sbitneva Ya.S. Unexplored hydrocarbon potential of subthrust structures in Timan-Pechora Petroleum Province. Geologiya nefti i gaza. 2022;(3):7–16. DOI: 10.31087/0016-7894-2022-3-7-16. In Russ.