Kozhanov 4-2023

D.D. Kozhanov, M.A. Bol’shakova, Sv.A. Sidorenko, N.V. Pronina, K.A. Sitar, A.V. Mordasova, Ya.A. Zaglyadin

Settings for carbon parageneses formation in Late Precambrian

DOI 10.47148/0016-7894-2023-4-143-160

Key words: Precambrian; parageneses; Vendian; organic matter; diamonds.

For citation: Kozhanov D.D., Bol’shakova M.A., Sidorenko Sv.A., Pronina N.V., Sitar K.A., Mordasova A.V., Zaglyadin Ya.A. Settings for carbon parageneses formation in Late Precambrian. Geologiya nefti i gaza. 2023;(4):143–160. DOI: 10.41748/0016-7894-2023-4-143-160. In Russ.

Funding: The work was carried out according to state assignments from Moscow State University on topic No. AAAA-A16-116033010113-2 and from the Institute of Oil and Gas Engineering of the Russian Academy of Sciences on topic No. 122022800264-9.