Vladimir I. Vysotsky

Vladimir I. Vysotsky was born on August 29, 1938. He graduated from Faculty of Geology, Lomonosov Moscow State University, and has Ph.D. degree in Geology and Mineralogy. Director of the Petroleum Department, VNIIzarubezhgeologiya since 1993.Vladimir is a specialist in studies, estimation of state and trends of mineral resources (hydrocarbon raw materials) development in foreign countries and the World Ocean recognized in Russian and international scientific community; author of integrated programs for territories investigation and development on the basis of mineral resources (oil and gas) use.

In recent years, one of the main directions of his research is the study of petroleum potential of shale formations.  Vladimir is the first Russian author of the world’s oil shale hydrocarbon resource assessment, including Russian ones. He suggested an idea of creating scientific-and-production grounds in Russia to develop technical and technological methods of developing hydrocarbons of low-permeable rocks.

He is the author of proprietary methodology that allows predicting oil and gas production levels on the basis of the resource base, and also more than 80 scientific publications and two books. Papers devoted to the assessment of the world’s oil and gas resources, their distribution by region, sediment basins and countries occupy a special place in his scientific publications. Based on these studies, the world’s first Global map of oil and gas occurrence was created accompanied by the explanatory note. This work was awarded the Russian Federation State Prize in Science and Technology in 1998.

Awards and Prizes:

  • Russian Federation State Prize in Science and Technology (1998)

  • Ivan Gubkin Award (2004)

  • Rosgeologiya Prize for Scientific Achievements (2016)