Vladimir V. Shimansky

Vladimir V. Shimansky was born on December 19, 1959. In 1985, he graduated from the Leningrad State University with a degree in Geochemistry and Lithology. Subject of his PhD thesis is Secondary Alterations of Genetically Diverse Neocomian Sandstone in Western Siberia (1991); doctoral thesis was on the Common Factors of Non-structural Traps Formation and Prediction of Oil and Gas Accumulation Zones in Jurassic and Lower Cretaceous Deposits of Western Siberia (2003). V.V. Shimansky is a Corresponding Member of the RF Academy of Natural Sciences, and AAPG Member.

Vladimir successfully advances prediction of non-structural hydrocarbon traps — one of the most important areas that contribute to hydrocarbon reserves addition, growth of raw material base and energy security of Russia. Last year alone, prediction of a number of fields and plays is successfully completed in West Siberian and Volga-Urals provinces on the basis of the integrated methodology developed by Vladimir, which allowed adding more than 500 million tons of initial in-place reserves and up to 180 million tons of recoverable reserves.

He published more than 100 scientific works, including five monographs.

Career history:

1985–1988 — geochemist in the Russian Petroleum Research Exploration Institute (VNIGRI);

1988–1991 — PhD student, I-st Category Engineer, VNIGRI;

1991–1994 — Engineer, VNIGRI;

1994–1996 — Senior Research Fellow, VNIGRI;

1996–1997 — Chief of Laboratory, VNIGRI;

1997–2003 — Manager of the Department of Lithological and Tectonic Framework of Oil Potential Prediction, VNIGRI;

2003–2007 — Deputy Director for Science, VNIGRI;

2007 — present — Director, FGUNPP Geologorazvedka.

Research interests:

  • Petroleum Geology;

  • Sedimentology;

  • Paleogeography;

  • Formation conditions and prediction of non-structural hydrocarbon traps;

  • Technologies of non-structural traps prospecting in the basins of different types.


  • Excellence in Subsoil Exploration Badge (1999)

  • Title of Honoured Prospector (2004)

  • Letter of Appreciation from Minpriroda (2009)