Antonina V. Stupakova

Antonina V. Stupakova was born on December 21, 1962 in Moscow. In 1985, she graduated from Faculty of Geology, Lomonosov Moscow State University. In 1990, she defended her PhD thesis “Permian and Triassic Sequences of the northern Timan-Pechora Region: conditions of formation and Oil and Gas Occurrence” (under the supervision of Prof. V.V. Semenovich). In 2000, she defended her doctoral thesis “Evolution of the Basins of the Barents Sea Shelf and Their Oil and Gas Potential” in Geology, Exploration and Prospecting of Oil and Gas Fields”.

In the period from 1990 to 2000, Antonina continued working in the problems of geological structure and oil and gas occurrence in the northern regions with the special focus on the Arctic shelf. The work was carried out under the target-oriented programs of the RF Ministry of Natural Resources in close cooperation with the industry organizations engaged in geological exploration on the Arctic shelf, where the results of the research were tested. Among them are modelling of sedimentary basins within the Arctic Shelf, separate prediction of oil and gas in the Barents sea waters, and criteria of exploration for large and unique hydrocarbon deposits on the Arctic shelf.

In the recent ten years, Antonina has been working on the basin modelling and special features of formation of large oil and gas accumulation zones in sedimentary basins for further exploration and prospecting activities in new offshore areas.

During all these years she was a lecturer of the MSU Faculty of Geology. In 2000, she was awarded the title of Associate Professor; and in 2004 she was transferred to the current position of Professor. In addition to teaching in the Lomonosov Moscow State University, she also reads a master’s course on Modelling Natural Reservoirs, HC Deposits and Reservoir Engineering in the Gubkin Russian State University. In 2003, she was elected a corresponding member of the USSR Academy of Sciences in Oil and Gas Section.

Since 2004, within the framework of Russian-Norwegian cooperation between the RF Ministry of Natural Resources and Norwegian Petroleum Directorate A. Stupakova heads the Russian-Norwegian educational and scientific program; the participants of the program are Lomonosov Moscow State University, University of Tromsø – The Arctic University of Norway, and Equinor ASA Company (formerly Statoil Company). The main objective of this program is to create a common innovative and fundamental approach in higher education. The objectives of this program are aimed at developing professional skills in the Arctic shelf research. During the course of this program, specialists of oil geology were trained to conduct exploration and prospecting works on the continental shelf; many of them are currently working in Russian oil companies and research institutes.

Author of more than 180 papers, eight books, 170 conference presentations, 140 abstracts, 43 R&D works, 50 scientific reports; member of editorial boards in three journals and four dissertation committees.

Area of expertise: oil bearing capacity, geodynamics, paleogeography of the basins of Arctic seas and East European Platform.

Main works: «Geological Society Memoir No. 35. Arctic Petroleum Geology (co-author, 2011), Facies Models (co-author, 2017), Oil and Gas Occurrence in the Barents Sea Shelf textbook (co-author, 2003).

Awards and Prizes:

  • RF Government Prize in Science and Technology (2013)

  • RF Government Prize in Science and Technology (2018)