Russian Oil and Gas Geology № 1/2021

DOI: 10.31087/0016-7894-2021-1

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Grunis E.B., Rostovshchikov V.B., Sbitneva Ya.S., Kolokolova I.V., Akhmetzhanova Z.M. New ideas of the Urals Foredeep architecture in the context of oil and gas potential

Kolokolova I.V., Gurova D.I., Khitrov A.M. Verkhnepechorsky depression of Urals Foredeep: prediction of oil and gas occurrence in natural carbonate reservoirs

Abilkhasimov Kh.B. Southern shoulder of Urals Trough: additional petroleum potential

Grunis E.B., Rostovshchikov V.B., Davydenko B.I. Northern segment of Urals Foredeep: petroleum potential of suture zones

Danilov V.N. Formation of thrusts and hydrocarbon potential of Urals Foredeep

Sobornov K.O., Korotkov I.P., Yakovlev D.V., Kulikov V.A., Kudryavtsev K.Yu., Kolesnik V.F. Squeezed diapirs of the Chernyshev Swell (the Timan Pechora Basin): integrated study and petroleum habitat

Sotnikova A.G., Lukova S.A. Objects of fold-and-thrust genesis: petroleum potential of Urals Foredeep northern segment

Sbitneva Ya.S. Tectonodynamic and lithofacies modelling: basis for improving oil and gas occurrence prediction in Kosju-Rogovsky Depression